Viewing Question: Does my estate need to go into revocable trust?

Does my estate need to go into revocable trust?

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My attorney is telling me I need to put them in a revocable trust to keep them out of probate if I pass. He’s also telling me that it will be crazy expensive to go through probate (like a hundred thousand dollars). I have about 600k in my wife’s retirement account, about 300k in bank accounts and my only other assets are some rental condos I own across the country. I’m not a billionaire or anything so is he ripping me off?

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  1. You should definitely get another opinion. However, there are a few things to keep in mind here: When you have assets scattered throughout the country, you may have to go through probate in several different jurisdictions for the different properties. This will increase the number of hours your attorney works going through probate. As such, while $100k is a lot, if you have a lot of properties in disparate areas, you might run into fees like that.

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