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Guidelines for Asking Questions

Questions on are public. When asking a question on do not provide any personal information including but not limited to name, account numbers, social security / tax ID numbers, address or phone number. Please also see our Regulatory Disclosures before acting on any information you receive or hiring an Advyser listed on our website. is a platform for financial professionals to engage with people who have financial questions. Please keep your questions relevant. does not police posts, but may in its sole discretion remove questions we find inappropriate, incomprehensible or offensive.

Posting Guidelines for Advysers

1. Compliance is a content marketing site. This site is an opportunity for you to post your qualifications, make blog posts and engage with potential clients by answering their questions.

Because is strictly a content marketing site, everything you post on should be viewed as an advertisement, and may be viewed as an advertisement by regulatory bodies.

The burden of compliance is on you and your firm’s compliance department. Your firm’s compliance department should be your main resource for determining whether or not a post is compliant.

We are not responsible for monitoring your content and we explicitly claim no responsibility or liability for the suitability, legality or quality of your content. As such, you and your firm may be liable for anything you post on here. Generally speaking, we won’t police your posts for compliance, but if we happen to see blatant attempts to post noncompliant or misleading content we may in our sole discretion take action. Actions we may take may include asking you to amend your content, taking down your content or terminating your account. We may also forward your posts to FINRA, the SEC, or to any other regulator or law enforcement agency we see fit.

It is your own compliance department’s responsibility to maintain records of advertisements including any content posted to

While we take absolutely no responsibility for your content, we will provide a few suggestions for things not to do:

  • Do not solicit transactions on
  • Do not tout specific products or strategies.
  • Do not make claims about performance of specific products or strategies.
  • Do not post testimonials. (There is a reason that does not post ratings the way Avvo does.)

2. Conduct is a content marketing platform for financial professionals. The atmosphere of should be professional but relaxed, conversational and friendly. It is not a message board, AMA, or platform for opinion editorials.

While we do not actively police content, we reserve the right to take action against any member who we consider in our sole discretion to be posting harassing, or offensive content. Actions taken may include requesting a change be made to the content, removing the content, terminating the poster’s account, or even reporting the poster to relevant regulatory bodies or law enforcement.

Do not post anything that is not DMCA compliant. We will respond to DMCA complaints and take down copywritten content. We may take action against repeat offenders.

Please do not try to aggressively game our site. While we do not police content, we may in our sole discretion take action against posters who we believe to be gaming the site.

Please refer to the sample questions and answer pages and the sample blog posts for an indication of the tone and content.