Ask financial and business professionals

Ask financial and business professionals

Search our archive for instant financial advice from a variety of qualified professionals. If no one has asked your question, ask it here! We will notify you when your question has been answered.

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30-Minute Phone Consultations

30-Minute Phone Consultations

We will match you with a financial professional experienced in helping people in situations just like yours. For one flat fee, you can be talking to an accountant, real estate agent, or lawyer tonight about what matters to you. No hard sell — these professionals are here to help.

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Find an accountant or adviser near you

Find an accountant or adviser near you

Search our directory of participating accountants, advisors, lawyers, and real estate agents for help where you need it most!

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Charity and Non-Profit

Whether it’s investing in FTSE stocks, serving international clients, or outsourcing to India, ask the experts before moving your money abroad

Estates and Trusts

While trusts, annuities and other structured investments are designed to keep your family and money safe when you’re not, there are plenty of pitfalls where you may need some expert help.

Financial Planning

Inherited the family fortune? Won the lottery? Learn how to keep and grow your wealth

Retirement Savings

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Make sure your retirement fund is on the right track – whether you’re 24 or 64.

Small Business

Entrepreneurs have enough on their plates just keeping a business afloat. We can answer your paperwork and procedural questions!


When tax time comes around, everyone can use a little bit of help! Better to ask now than be audited later…


Investing in stocks, bonds and options may be easy, but it’s far from simple. Don’t just guess when you can ask an experienced stockbroker for free!


The worst time to learn about insurance is when you realize how much it could have saved you. Ask questions now, and be prepared when the worst does happen.

Real Estate

Whether it’s your first house, dream house or an investment property, financial professionals can help you make it a reality

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Financial Advisors

When it comes to major financial decisions, one bad investment can be a life-altering mistake. Our staff of financial advisors can consult with you on the basics, and/or direct you to someone who you can partner with for more complex, involved financial planning.

Real Estate Agents

While real estate is a solid investment, not to mention a place to make a home or business for yourself, the laws and finances of dealing in property are complex and involved. Even before you’re ready to commit to buying or selling, there are questions better left to the experts.

Business Lawyers

Starting a small business? Self-employed? Audited by the IRS? Foreclosed? Many financial situations can require legal advice from our qualified lawyers.


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